What is the best underlay for carpet? The long-term appearance of your carpet depends on it. But how do you demonstrate this when words are not enough? The Carpet Pile Wear Test Challenge. You quickly identify the benefits of a quality carpet underlay and that not all carpet cushion products are manufactured to the same standard.

What is the best underlay for carpet - Quality Underlay
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The Question: What is the best underlay for carpet?

We find out with the Hexapod wear test challenge

To demonstrate what the best underlay for carpet is we conducted a Hexapod Tumbler Test which is used by the ACCS to assess anticipated short term and long term appearance change in the texture and colour of carpets. Their assessments of texture and colour change are made at 1500 cycles (simulated 9-12 months in service) and 8000 cycles (3-4 years in service equivalent). In addition, the ACCS conducts an ongoing program of carpet floor trials to assess the predictability of the Hexapod across a wide range of carpet constructions. The trials are being used to monitor in situ appearance retention with corresponding Hexapod tests. Carpet Institute of Australia

The Results

Best Underlay For Carpet Results

1 %
Up to

Extends the long-term appearance of carpet

1 %

Retention of original thickness 98.4% – Other underlay’s 91%

1 %

Increase in Insulation 13.63% with Luxe Underlay®

A Quality Underlay Will:

No Carpet Underlay Hexapod Challenge Results - No Carpet Underlay Reference Test

No Carpet Underlay

Reference Test No Underlay: With no support from beneath, the appearance of the carpet has changed significantly. This result highlights the need for quality carpet underlay.

Luxe Underlay Hexapod Challenge Results - Other Premium Carpet Underlay

Standard Premium Underlay

Although far better than having no underlay under your carpet, signs of wear are evident with standard underlay after testing. With a minimum thickness loss of 9% and a max of 11%, the carpet fibres, like the underlay flatten.

Carpet Underlay performance test results

Luxe Underlay®

No signs of wear: With excellent retention properties the Luxe Underlay Collection is the best underlay for carpet providing far greater support underneath, extending the lifespan of the carpet for longer.

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What is The difference between a Luxe high-performance, pre-consumer foam, and standard, post-consumer foam underlay?

The quality of material used in our Luxe Underlay products is of the highest standard.