Luxe Collection Underlay

A Premium Carpet Underlay Collection

14 Underlay Features and Benefits with the Luxe Collection

14 Underlay Features and Benefits – Underlay acts as a shock absorber, which helps reduce the stress from general wear and tear on your carpet and can extend the lifespan by up to 50%.

Standard Underlay 50%
Luxe Underlay 62.5%

Underlay Features and Benefits No.1

Consistent density and thickness throughout the product

Underlay Features and Benefits No.2

Heavily reduced in foreign contaminants

Underlay Features and Benefits No.3

No Bleaches or harsh chemical treatments

Underlay Features and Benefits No.4

A Healthier option for your home and family

Customer Satisfaction

Based on consumer and customer reviews the average rating for Luxe Underlay is 5/5. The Perfect score


Underlay Features and Benefits No.5

Easier to Install, cut, pull and trim in

Underlay Features and Benefits No.6

High Installer Output increasing productivity

Underlay Features and Benefits No.7

Luxe Underlay is a 100% recyclable product

Underlay Features and Benefits No.8

Superior Performance and Insulation

What is The difference between a Luxe reclaimed foam, and standard foam underlay?

Both are recyclable, and provide environmental benefits, so what else?

Reclaimed material

Reclaimed material is waste generated during the manufacturing of a product and reused in the production of another product. The material has not been degraded from a previous use such as sofas and beds.

Known Fact

The procurement of a singular reclaimed foam in Luxe Underlay reduces foreign contaminants, produces a more consistent thickness, density, and feel through the roll.

pre-consumer reclaimed foam luxe group
Post consumer foam (recycled)

Recycled content

Recycled content comes from a finished product that was purchased by a consumer, used, and then used in the production of another. These are usually a mixture of high grade and low-grade foams that vary in density and performance.

Known Fact

Traces of hazardous materials in recycled foams can cause problems due to the varying restrictions on different hazardous materials between industries.

"Luxe Underlay, Far superior in quality and performance, delivering confidence and security when purchasing every time"

Healthier home

Healthier Home

You'll have a warmer, drier, and healthier home with our antimicrobial products to help prevent the spread of microorganisms. These microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi such as mold and mildew.

Tensile Grid

Reinforcement Grid

Our Luxe Reinforcement Grid™ amplifies the product load-bearing properties dispersing the energy generated from foot traffic evenly, prolonging the life of the underlay. Our reinforcement grid also increases the products dimensional stability making it easy to install, cut, and trim.

Underlay Features and Benefits

Moisture Barrier

Our Luxe Moisture Barrier is designed to prevent the passage of moisture that comes from beneath your carpet and will help protect against spills between your carpet and subfloor. It is also stain and soil resistant.

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation +

The NZ Building code minimum standard for Sound insulation for floor coverings is NRC Noise Reduction Coefficient 55, carpet and underlay combined. Our Luxe Underlay performance ranges are unmatched in acoustic insulation, exceeding the NRC standard with no carpet.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation +

A standard premium underlay has an average value of 3.13 TOG, and can help reduce an energy bill by up to 15%. The Luxe Collection range of underlays will increase the insulation average value by up to 13.63% further reducing expensive monthly energy bills.