Premium Foam Underlay

Hands holding pure reclaimed foam

What is the difference With A Luxe Premium Foam Underlay?

What is the difference between a Luxe premium foam underlay and standard carpet underlay? The source of reclaimed material used in the manufacturing of our products is of the highest standard and is free of foreign contaminants and waste that are seen in other underlays. These other underlays are produced with a low-grade foam, have a multi-colored appearance, and are inherent for the lumps and bumps that can be felt under the carpet once installed.

Feature Icons

Post-Consumer Foam

Recycled content comes from a finished product that was purchased by a consumer, used, and then used in the production of another. These are usually a mixture of high grade and low-grade foams that vary in density and performance.

Quick fact: Traces of hazardous materials in recycled foams can cause problems due to the varying restrictions on different hazardous materials between industries. It is therefore important to further investigate this aspect when purchasing a product made from post-consumer foam.

Pre-Consumer Foam

Reclaimed material is waste generated during the manufacturing of a product and reused in the production of another product.

The reclaimed foam used in the production of the Luxe Carpet Underlay Collection is free of foreign contaminants and waste inherent in recycled foams. The procurement of a singular high density reclaimed source provides a consistent feel and thickness throughout all our Luxe underlay ranges.

A Visual Representation

To demonstrate the difference visually, we placed the foam content used in the production of Luxe Underlay and Standard Carpet Underlay, in a transparent image. The clarity of the image changes dramatically. This change is also evident in underlay manufactured with recycled foams from furniture and bedding mattresses and is just as visual. These underlays vary in look, thickness, density, and feel, and are not as easy to cut, trim or drag into position.

Same Image
Same image transparency (65%)
Completely different result

Reclaimed foam benefits

  • Consistent density and thickness
  • Reduced in contaminants
  • No Bleaches or harsh chemical treatments
  • 100% recyclable product
  • Installer friendly
  • Increases productivity
  • Healthier option

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