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Innovative and luxurious carpet underlay products

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Luxe Group

Luxe Group Flooring is a New Zealand owned and operated company that specializes in the manufacturing of innovative and luxurious carpet underlay products that eliminate and reduce the current product issues experienced in the flooring industry. These solutions derive from our customers and the information they provide.

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Carpet Underlay

We do not compromise on the quality of material used, or in the production and manufacturing of any Luxe products. All specifications are independently tested by the NZWTA and must be unmatched in performance and innovation prior to any products being launched.

Flooring Innovation

Winners of the prestigious Flooring Innovation Award in the United Kingdom for our Luxe carpet underlay collection.

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We hold a comprehensive range of residential floor coverings and carpet underlay products for the residential and commercial flooring market. Our Categories include carpet underlay, carpet, carpet tile, and garage carpet.

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Our Customers

We understand how important it is for you to establish relationships with suppliers that help add value to your business. We appreciate the opportunity you have given us and promise to provide a level of service and product quality at the highest level.

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