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We hold a comprehensive range of floor covering solutions for both the residential and commercial flooring sector. Our categories include carpet, garage carpet, carpet tile, carpet gripper, premium underlay, and carpet underlay.

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Residential Carpet

Our Residential Carpet Collection Is A Selection Of Solution Dyed Nylon, Polypropylene, And Polyester Tufted Carpets Constructed For Increased Performance And Long-Term Appearance Retention.

Carpet Colour Wall


Carpet Underlay

Luxè Carpet Underlay is stocked in three specifications, 10mm, 11mm, and 12mm, and ranges from 90kg to 140kg in density. The Luxè Underlay Collection is produced in two classifications, luxury, and performance


Garage Carpet

EnduroXP Garage Carpet is a hard-wearing, extremely durable, UV resistant needle punch carpet and is certified in accordance with ISO 9239-1:2010 – Reaction to Fire Tests for Floorings PART 1 Determination of the Burning Behaviour Using a Radiant Heat Source

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