What is the best underlay for carpet? Choosing the right underlay for your home is usually overlooked during the carpet buying process even though it makes up only 18% of the total purchase price. 

Luxe Underlay Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

Choosing the best underlay for carpet is a long-term commitment that gives your flooring the support it needs to maintain that new look and feel for longer. Our Luxe Collection lifetime of the new carpet guarantee is our promise to you and represents the quality, workmanship, and long-term performance of our products.


Luxe carpet underlay is available in a variety of specifications ranging from 9mm to 12mm in thickness and 90kg/m3 to 140kg/m3 in density the Luxe Collection is perfect for any residential application.


A standard premium carpet underlay has an average value of 3.13 TOG, and can help reduce an energy bill by up to 15%. 

About Us

We are a New Zealand owned and operated company who specialise in the manufacturing and production of innovative and luxurious carpet underlay products

What is the best underlay for carpet

And does underlay actually matter?

Does underlay really matter? The long-term appearance of your carpet depends on it. But how do you demonstrate this when words are not enough? The Carpet Pile Wear Test Challenge. You quickly identify the benefits of a quality carpet underlay and that not all carpet cushion products are manufactured to the same standard.



No Carpet Underlay

Reference Test No Underlay: With no support from beneath, the appearance of the carpet has changed significantly. This result highlights the need for quality carpet underlay.

Standard Premium Underlay

Although far better than having no underlay under your carpet, signs of wear are evident with standard underlay after testing. With a minimum thickness loss of 9% and a max of 11%, the carpet fibres, like the underlay flatten.

Luxe Underlay®

No signs of wear: With excellent retention properties Luxe Underlay provides the carpet with far greater support underneath, extending the long-term appearance. Your new carpet will look better for longer.

The Results

1 %
Up to

Extendeds the long-term appearance of carpet

1 %

Retention of original thickness 98.4% – Other underlay’s 91%

1 %

Increase in Insulation 13.63% with Luxe Underlay®