Benefits of A Quality Carpet Underlay

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The Quick Six Underlay Checklist

The 10 Benefits Of A Quality Carpet Underlay No.10

Quick Six Underlay Checklist and Luxe Underlay ticks them all. Choosing the right underlay for your home is usually overlooked during the carpet buying process. However, more than 70% of consumers purchasing carpet say that comfort is the most important to them. We have listed the 6 features to look for when purchasing underlay for your new carpet

The Quick 6 Underlay Checklist

1: Thickness or Density

Underlay is an integral ingredient that shapes the way your carpet will feel, wear, and look long-term. Low-density foam underlays whether cheap or expensive with a density of less than 110kg will quickly lose their resilience. This includes high-density foam products 120kg or more that are also too soft.

2: Support for Carpet

A quality underlay will be the primary support your carpet needs and acts as a shock absorber, reducing the effects of pile crush in high traffic areas, enabling your carpet to retain its new look and feel for longer

3: Comfort Underfoot

A quality underlay will be classified Luxury and have been tested to AS4288:2003. But be aware that not all underlay displaying this mark is created equal.

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4: Thermal Insulation

A quality underlay can also help towards reducing your energy bills by a significant amount as it traps heat under your floor, insulating the room and keeping it warm.

5: Retention Characteristics

A carpet’s performance is dependent on the support it gets from underneath. If your underlay flattens quickly, your carpet will also flatten. Find an underlay that has excellent rebound properties. Look at the acoustic insulation properties of the product as this will indicate its retention characteristics. The higher, the better.

6: Sound Insulation

To help reduce the effects of footfall and other unwanted noises, you need a high-quality carpet underlay designed for acoustic insulation and impact noise reduction. The Luxe Collection of premium underlay is unmatched in acoustic performance with the highest dB reduction rating for a re-bond foam chip underlay.

Hi to all my UK friends and family. This is one of our suppliers here in NZ who has just won the 2019 UK Flooring Innovation award for his fantastic underlay product that we sell here in Taupo. Nice to see Luxe Collection premium underlay getting recognition overseas. If you are thinking of buying carpet and renewing your underlay ask your local store for this, you won’t regret it and its much better quality than that foam chip stuff that you will get offered.

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