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Inspired by New Zealand’s high expectations for quality, the Luxe Underlay Collection will satisfy even the most discerning consumer. Engineered to enhance the feel and performance of a carpet, while providing absolute comfort and luxury underfoot.

Our carpet underlay solutions are manufactured to eliminate and reduce the current product issues experienced in the flooring industry.
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Warmer, Drier and Healthier Home

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Bonded Foam Underlayment

We produce a broad range of 8mm and 12mm recycled bonded PU foam carpet cushion products with a density of 80kg to 130kg. This selection of underlay is suitable for residential applications that require a cost-effective price point.

Premium Underlayment

Manufactured from a high density, open-cell, premium, reclaimed foam, and innovative manufacturing techniques, our Luxe Underlay Collection products are designed to produce a consistent thickness, density, and weight in every roll.

Sponge Rubber Underlayment

Suitable for any application that requires reductions in both impact sound and airborne sound between rooms. Luxe Pro-Step products are incredibly flexible as they cover more applications than any other type of Underlayment.

Fire Rated Underlayment

Luxe FR6 Marine Underlayment conforms to EC marine directives and is constructed with an isolated, combustion modified, high resilient foam, that exceeds the highest levels of fire retardancy. Suitable for domestic, marine, and contract installations


A Warmer, Drier, Healthier Home

Wherever bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi compromise product performance, Ultra-Fresh will take control. Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatments inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi responsible for creating unpleasant smells and staining in textile and plastic products. By controlling unwanted microbes, Ultra-Fresh antimicrobials help to keep products fresh, clean, and odor-free.

Luxe Underlay Collection

6 Things to Look For When Buying Carpet Cushion

A quality Underlayment will provide numerous benefits for the home. With so many options available for the consumer to purchase, the buying process can become daunting.

Award-Winning Carpet Underlay

The Luxe Collection was recognised for its innovative construction and design at the 2019 National Flooring and Innovation awards at the Harrogate in the United Kingdom 

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Healthier Home Collection

8 Luxe Underlay Features And Benefits

Features and benefits enhance the characteristics and appeal of a product while providing all the extras the consumer needs. Features are additional and enhance the appeal of the product to the user.

Best Underlayment

Does the underlayment I use really matter? Yes, the long-term appearance of your carpet depends on it. We conducted a carpet pile wear test challenge to demonstrate just how important your choice in carpet cushion is.


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