A Quality Underlay Solution

Luxe Collection is a quality underlay solution designed and engineered in New Zealand.

Luxe Collection is a quality underlay range constructed from a reclaimed, white, isolated foam formula that not only enhances the products retention properties in high traffic areas, but it also provides superior thermal and acoustic insulation, for a warmer, drier, healthier home.

✓ Increased Thermal Insulation
✓ Unmatched Acoustic Properties
✓ Maximizes the Performance of a Carpet

✓ Engineered and Designed in New Zealand
✓ Superior Dimensional Stability

✓ Single PE film allowing for an easier, cleaner cut.

✓ Superior Load Bearing Properties

✓ Heavily reduced in hardened foreign contaminants
✓ Reclaimed Isolated foam construction

✓ Refind Thermal Binding Process

New Zealand and the United Kingdom

Producing a quality underlay for your home

A quality underlay collection
Inspired by New Zealand's high expectations for quality

The Luxe Collection Gold 12mm 140kg underlay is a high density, high-performance, quality carpet cushion. Manufactured from our unique isolated foam formula, enhancing the product retention properties in high traffic areas. This enhancement can extend the lifespan of a carpet far longer than other carpet underlays.

Rolls Sold 75 Days
BLM Sold 75 Days
M2 Sold 75 Days
ultra fresh